Someone will report you, the Regulator will assume it’s intentional, you’ll receive fines and penalties and your reputation will be trashed!

Ignorance of changes to pay scales or accidental miscalculations are not acceptable reasons for any transgression. You just need to get it right…first time and every time.

We can help you with this…

No matter how well-disposed they may be towards you and your Business that employs them, no employee will tolerate pay day “Stuff-ups.”

Because payday errors are so prevalent these days and their reporting is so loud and high profile, an assumption of all employers being “Guilty until proved innocent” has become the knee-jerk reaction.

The fact that over 40% of Australian workers can point to issues with their pay, including late payments and underpayments, only gives weight and perceived credibility to this “Guilty” assumption. In some cases, being paid late or incorrectly can even cause your employees to consider leaving their job…and you don’t need that!

We know the majority of employers aim to do the right thing when paying staff, but research shows that Small Businesses can sometimes have issues due to manual payroll processes, where the likelihood of errors is much higher.

We can help you with this…

These “Payday Error” findings come at the same time as the deadline for Small Businesses (Those with 19 or fewer employees) to become Single Touch Payroll compliant has arrived. This incoming compliance change is designed to help Small Business Owners to streamline their operations and cut down on payday errors.

Is your Business reporting through Single Touch Payroll yet? Or are you one of almost half of Australian Small Businesses that are yet to become compliant.

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