There is NO 8% Bonus on 2020 Tax Returns!

Just when you thought your fictitious Nigerian Grandmother had finally lost your email address, along comes a new “Scam” to relieve you of some of your “Hard-earned.” The difference with this one is that it is so timely and so well targeted as to be almost plausible.

The “Scammers” are targeting those people…and there are plenty of them out there…who are victims of a raft of recent natural disasters. This newest of scams will promise you an 8% Bonus on your 2020 Tax Return if you just “Click on the link below…”

The link will take you to a fake MyGov website designed to steal your personal information…like name, address, emails, phone numbers and Online banking details. Once you have given them the information they need, these “Scammers” can engage in any number of detrimental acts…like these…

  • Get a loan in your name
  • Commit fraud in your name
  • Access your Bank Account
  • Shop…using your Credit Card
  • Lodge bogus Tax Returns
  • Steal your Superannuation

The A.T.O. wants you to be acutely aware that they would never send an email or SMS asking a taxpayer to access Online services via a hyperlink.

“Your personal and financial information is like the combination to your wall safe,” says the Tax Man, “Once the scammers get this information, they will probably sell it on the black market or use it to impersonate you…maybe both!”

Last year, over 15,000 people admitted to the Tax Office that they had provided various “Scammers” with their personal identifying information. This is one of the reasons why the A.T.O. has gone on the front foot to warn Tax Agents and their Clients to be extra vigilant.

We can help you with this…

The A.T.O. would never ask a Taxpayer to provide any personal identifying information for the purpose of receiving a refund. Nor would they be likely to use aggressive or threatening behaviour or request payment of a debt by way of…

  • Cardless cash
  • iTunes or Google play cards
  • Prepaid Visa Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Direct credit to a personal bank account

Any such requests should be met with immediate scepticism and high suspicion and any such tax-related “Scam” should be immediately reported to the A.T.O.

There are various legitimate relief and assistance schemes around for those People and Businesses who have suffered as a result of recent natural disasters.

Now is the time to call Alan and his INVISION Team and they will help you find the right direction and access the best path for your particular circumstances…and they won’t be asking you for any iTunes cards in return!

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