Mailbox high jacking is a growth Industry, but one you need to avoid being a part of!

You should be aware that Hackers and Attackers are exploiting old protocols to hack into email accounts and impersonate Accountants…don’t let this happen to your Business…

We’ve all seen the unsolicited emails from colleagues and associates attempting to convince us to click on nefarious links or attachments, often triggering ransomware and other malware related incidents.

Like the recent case of a Queensland firm that sent infected emails that ended up causing damage to three Clients and triggering a breach scenario under new legislation that was not covered by professional indemnity insurance.

There is help at hand and a procedure we can help you to introduce to your Business to make sure that you do not accidentally pass on this dreaded disease to your Clients and associates. It comes via the Specialist services of out “Go-To” security friends at Practice Protect.

We can help you with this…

Our colleagues at Practice Protect advise that legacy mailbox protocols are still being left open for scan to email functions and legacy mobile access along with other applications are continuing to expose even the most security conscious firms.

That free phone you are being offered that is ‘just a click away’ could turn out to be the most expensive item ever used to tempt you!

And those direct Staff email addresses that you have put on your website…no doubt to offer added convenience for your Clients…could potentially help the Hackers and Attackers to do their dirty work.

There are simple and proven steps you can take to make certain that you do not inadvertently play their game, but you need to act now for maximum effect.

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