Fixed Fee Billing

Because we know you do too…

INVISION BOOKKEEPING has always offered our Clients Fixed Fee billing, it’s in our D.N.A! And Fixed Fee billing has always been our preferred method of operation because it’s part of Cash Flow Management, isn’t it?

Of course, another strong reason for doing things this way is that experience teaches us that it is the preferred method our Clients favour as well. And it’s all part of the true and accurate information you need for the planning and development of your business.

We can help you with that…

Interestingly enough, a recent survey by one of our major banks has found that 84% of all people surveyed no longer wanted time-based billing from their bookkeeper, financial consultants and the other professionals they deal with.

The reason for this is as simple as it is compelling. In today’s competitive and volatile business climate, the last thing you and the dictates of your cash flow need will be any nasty little surprises when you receive your monthly invoices.

We can help you with that…

With today’s digital accounting and bookkeeping packages, B.A.S. and compliance work has become a mere by-product of good bookkeeping and this is part of the package we offer, but here is what else you can expect from your Team at INVISION BOOKKEEPING…

  • We keep a close eye on financial activity and provide transparent management of your payroll and ledgers.
  • We cap our fees with fixed price services and regular reviews.
  • We don’t insist on lock-in contracts, just fixed fee services that are based on desired outcomes for your business.
  • We provide you with regular reporting, monthly or quarterly, so YOU can track the progress of YOUR business and see how it compares with past results and planned outcomes.
    The reports we provide will be your decision-making information and so they need to focus on “Key” drivers, effects and performance management. An enhanced foundation for forward planning of both profitability and cash flows will be the outcome you can expect from us.

We can help you with that…

A timely discussion with your INVISION Team could potentially save you and your business from those costly end of month surprises when you have Fixed Fee services as a much more palatable alternative!

Take the first step today…call or email Alan and his INVISION Team and find out how their Fixed Fee services can make your life much less complicated.

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