Whether in testing and uncertain “COVID” Times or in better and more positive building and Development circumstances, these 3 main assets are the backbone of every business and deserve the main focus of your care and attention. They are:

1.  Your customers.

…because without them, who would you sell your products and services to.

2. Your suppliers.

…because without them, how would you get the products and components for your Customers to buy.

3. Your Employees.

…because without them, who would make the products you sell to Customers.

Everything else in Your Business represents “Tools” that you utilise to allow these “Assets” to make money for you. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of the three.

Your Customers.
Treat them like gold! After all, they are the main reason your business continues to exist. Give them priority and “On-Board” them fully and securely. Don’t neglect them…if you come up with any new concepts or special offers, make sure your existing customers hear about it first.

Your Suppliers.
Good suppliers can make the biggest differences to the health and progress of Your Business. Treat them well, “On-Board” them fully and securely and pay them on time…early if you can, you’ll be amazed at the impression it makes!

Take your loyal and trusted Suppliers into your confidence by letting them understand the directions and aspiration of Your Business…valuable ideas and contributions will be the result.

Your Employees.
Your “Other Family” and the group that you will spend a great deal of time with. These people are the most frequent and important face of Your Business.

Show them respect, “On-Board” them fully and securely and be as generous as you can with the thing they crave most…your time and attention.

Make sure you listen to what your employees have to say. In Your Business, this will often be where the best ideas for Progress and Development will originate.

Look after your 3 Main Assets and they will look after you…it’s no more complicated than that!

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