A Message of HOPE in a HOSTILE World!

I just thought you might like to know…and I’m prepared to make it official…the sun will come up tomorrow, people will open their fridges and freezers and take stuff out and then they’ll make a trip to Woolies for a top-up of toilet paper and yes, one of these days they will pick up the phone or crank up the email and start ordering your products and services again…and it will be soon!

How do I know this? Well, in case it may have escaped your notice, I am…shall we say…a little more mature in years and quite a lot more experienced in business than most of the people I am called upon to work with on a daily basis.

I’ve seen a few things in my time and have the bruises to prove it and even though this may be the first time we’ve all been confronted with something as insidious as this monster known as CORONAVIRUS, we have been and felt “Close to Hell” in a business sense, in the past period of living memory.

What lessons did we learn then and there that we can adapt to the here and now? I can tell you there are lots and it’s a tribute to the resilience and sheer dogged determination of those who lead Australian Business that we were able to bounce back so many times and so resolutely to reach the heights that business in this country had attained, just before “The Virus” became “More than just a Rumour.”

Now here’s my theory…Business will “Snap Back” and it’s likely to be more virile and more intense than before and much sooner than you think, because we’ve all had a big fright and we’ve all found out that there are many more ways to “Skin a Cat” than we had previously thought possible and we all know just how much is at stake!

We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain…and now we’ve seen plague and pestilence as well…but, as the old saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Business…including Your Business…can get back to where it was before this Pandemic made its unwelcome appearance. And what’s more Australian Business…including Your Business…can meet and exceed all expectations because it is and always has been Evolutionary.

People used to want the stuff we make and grow and know and they will again, just as soon as we are able to open the doors again, turn on the lights, top up the shelves and work the next bit of Magic that Australians have become famous for…so you’d better be ready!

Decide now…use the time and preparation space that is available to you, as wisely as you can.

Plan and scheme…about the next level of development that you had in your sights before you were so rudely interrupted.

Make use of all those resources that have been offered to you, including the Government Assistance that’s available to you and Your Business, because you’re going to be paying for it…and yes, make use of me and my Team as well!

Here are just a few of the subjects we have discussed with you recently that are worth repeating, because they will help you get ready for the big turnaround…it’s coming sooner than you think…and will help you be streets ahead of your competition and in a better place to anticipate your Customers’ needs and expectations…

  • Keep up to date with the JOBKEEPER system
  • Resist the urge to offer big discounts as a sales tool
  • Take advantage of the A.T.O. Superannuation Amnesty while it is still current
  • Practise the positive ways to give your staff constructive feedback
  • Crank up your Marketing Materials and Resources
  • Clean up any structural anomalies, including that “Passive Director” situation you’ve been worrying about

In general terms, just get yourself ready to catch the wave, because it is coming and…just like the “COVID Tsunami” that preceded it…you can be sure this wave will arrive sooner than you expect and will be bigger than you ever contemplated.

Now…any questions?

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