This latest series of national disasters has focussed a long-overdue spotlight on when and how a business in difficulty should seek guidance and help…

For a few minutes there, we thought things were looking up a bit! Record rainfall and floods had gone a long way towards taking care of the scourge of devastating bushfires…sort of “Out of the frying pan into the fire”…but at least there would be some sort of an end in sight and a return [...]

In tough and uncertain times like these discounting is NOT the way to save your business…

Consider the value in doing just the opposite! We are living in “Interesting Times” indeed! So interesting in fact that we have had to develop a whole new language. Things like “Social Distancing” and “Essential Services” and such. Like most other Business Owners and Managers, retaining your key staff and those valued Customers will be [...]

Job Keeper FAQ’s

The JOBKEEPER Payment Scheme comes with its own set of rules that business owners and managers will need to know and understand and apply… The “Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, 2003” will be one of the key factors in deciding how JOBKEEPER payments should be treated for reporting purposes. Will JOBKEEPER Payments be considered “Declarable [...]

We Make JobKeeper Simple For You

Let’s be honest, JobKeeper sounds like it is going to be tricky – but it doesn’t need to be! You need a grasp of employment law, taxation, migration law and HR to understand all the criteria and exemptions and get the cash lifeline flowing. At Invision, we want to take away that confusion and stress. [...]

Coronavirus Action

A Message of HOPE in a HOSTILE World! I just thought you might like to know…and I’m prepared to make it official…the sun will come up tomorrow, people will open their fridges and freezers and take stuff out and then they’ll make a trip to Woolies for a top-up of toilet paper and yes, one [...]

This new legislation introducing Director Identification Numbers will make absolutely certain “Elvis has left the building!”

One of the more astonishing revelations unearthed by recent testimony in front of a Parliamentary Joint Committee was the admission by A.S.I.C. Commissioner, John Price, that it would be possible…under the present system…for Elvis Presley or Bob Marley to be registered as a Company Director. Using the examples of long-dead popstars and entertainment personalities to [...]

We can help you with your JOBKEEPER application…

Making an application for the Federal Government JOBKEEPER business incentive programme sounds complicated and looks cumbersome. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t need to be and to offer any assistance you might need…even if it’s just a simple explanation! The steps you need to take are simple and logical and our INVISION Team will [...]

Marketing During the Coronavirus

We’re in unprecedented times at the moment – people are talking a lot about mortgage deferrals, job seeker payments, job keeper payments and industry support packages. But there’s another way you can help ensure your survival through what could be a lean six months or so... Marketing. I know it’s not the first thing that [...]

7 things you need to know about COVID-19…

How will it affect you and your business? There’s a confusing mass of information about the COVID-19 virus pouring through our news outlets, social media channels and rumour networks. But what’s true? And as a business owner, what do you really need to know? In this simple, useful guide, we outline the 7 essential things [...]

COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The Government have announced a stimulus package to help support the economy during the tough times we are currently facing. The key points are outlined below. If you are unsure of how or of any of the details will affect you and your business, contact Alan and Invision Bookkeeping today for further information. Business Investment [...]