There are some simple steps you can take now to make sure that neither you or your business get swamped by the “Tsunami of Insolvency”…

Many experts believe this could be just over the horizon. If nothing else, the current global pandemic and the “Pandemic Recession” that is it's legacy have presented us with a rich new language bursting with words, language and descriptions we all hope we never get to know on personal terms. Things like… Zombie Companies Insolvency [...]

Learn to make friends with profit…

Get to know and appreciate profit in your business. Be able to recognise it in a crowd and amongst all the noise and fanfare that surrounds you every business day. Generating a healthy profit in your business is a skill that can be learned, practised, and improved…the more you do it the more it becomes [...]

Never forget where you came from and why you started this business in the first place…

For your business to develop and grow you will always need to be trying new things and trying to do the old things different and better. But you need to carefully manage these new things to keep the risk of any loss to a minimum. In any business, you have to always consider the potential [...]

In the eyes of the Authorities Safety in the Workplace is your responsibility…

You must report any workplace injury or incident even if no claim is being made! Did you know that all employers are now required to report workplace injuries even if a claim is not being made and no compensation is being requested? And further, there is a time limit for reporting! You must report these [...]

How to give your staff constructive feedback without showing them the door!

Anyone who owns or manages a business will be able to tell you how drastically things change as soon as you start to hire staff. Suddenly, it’s not just you that you need to consider in the decision-making process. An extra degree of moderation might be called for in your conduct and attitudes and you [...]

Business Owners and Managers need to be aware that there is a lot to know and understand about “Salary Sacrifice”

Thankfully, highly qualified help is at hand! In keeping with our normal process of shining the spotlight on those aspects of Business and Taxation that are of concern to our Clients, your INVISION Team has been turning attention and focus on this touchy subject. In this case, we have enlisted expert help and advice from [...]

Being a “Passive” Director could put you at real risk when it comes to personal liabilities…

If you’re a Director of a company, but not deeply involved in its day to day operations, then you need to very swiftly turn that situation around because new laws recently passed mean that “I didn’t know” is no defence and the Tax Man can hold you personally responsible for more and more transgressions. Now, [...]

8 ways to deal with your anxiety

Regardless of COVID-19, anxiety has always been an issue in the world. We all struggle at some stage in our lives. I guarantee that if everyone does a psychological test, we will all fail, and it will show that we are all slightly anxious. Fear of the future is OK, otherwise we would all be [...]

The Australian Taxation Office has flagged its deduction “Clusters” that will draw the closest attention in the light of COVID-19 considerations

Tax Time will look substantially different in the 2020 year, with flow-on effects from COVID-19 making their presence felt. With more people working from home, reduced hours of work, and some people having the misfortune of not being able to work at all, The A.T.O. will expect to see a reduction in claims for work-related [...]

The Australian Taxation Office wants you to be alert to a new tax scam targeting disaster victims…

There is NO 8% Bonus on 2020 Tax Returns! Just when you thought your fictitious Nigerian Grandmother had finally lost your email address, along comes a new “Scam” to relieve you of some of your “Hard-earned.” The difference with this one is that it is so timely and so well targeted as to be almost [...]