Business Owners and Managers need to be aware that there is a lot to know and understand about “Salary Sacrifice”

Thankfully, highly qualified help is at hand! In keeping with our normal process of shining the spotlight on those aspects of Business and Taxation that are of concern to our Clients, your INVISION Team has been turning attention and focus on this touchy subject. In this case, we have enlisted expert help and advice from [...]

Being a “Passive” Director could put you at real risk when it comes to personal liabilities…

If you’re a Director of a company, but not deeply involved in its day to day operations, then you need to very swiftly turn that situation around because new laws recently passed mean that “I didn’t know” is no defence and the Tax Man can hold you personally responsible for more and more transgressions. Now, [...]

8 ways to deal with your anxiety

Regardless of COVID-19, anxiety has always been an issue in the world. We all struggle at some stage in our lives. I guarantee that if everyone does a psychological test, we will all fail, and it will show that we are all slightly anxious. Fear of the future is OK, otherwise we would all be [...]

The Australian Taxation Office has flagged its deduction “Clusters” that will draw the closest attention in the light of COVID-19 considerations

Tax Time will look substantially different in the 2020 year, with flow-on effects from COVID-19 making their presence felt. With more people working from home, reduced hours of work, and some people having the misfortune of not being able to work at all, The A.T.O. will expect to see a reduction in claims for work-related [...]

The Australian Taxation Office wants you to be alert to a new tax scam targeting disaster victims…

There is NO 8% Bonus on 2020 Tax Returns! Just when you thought your fictitious Nigerian Grandmother had finally lost your email address, along comes a new “Scam” to relieve you of some of your “Hard-earned.” The difference with this one is that it is so timely and so well targeted as to be almost [...]

This latest series of national disasters has focussed a long-overdue spotlight on when and how a business in difficulty should seek guidance and help…

For a few minutes there, we thought things were looking up a bit! Record rainfall and floods had gone a long way towards taking care of the scourge of devastating bushfires…sort of “Out of the frying pan into the fire”…but at least there would be some sort of an end in sight and a return [...]

In tough and uncertain times like these discounting is NOT the way to save your business…

Consider the value in doing just the opposite! We are living in “Interesting Times” indeed! So interesting in fact that we have had to develop a whole new language. Things like “Social Distancing” and “Essential Services” and such. Like most other Business Owners and Managers, retaining your key staff and those valued Customers will be [...]

Job Keeper FAQ’s

The JOBKEEPER Payment Scheme comes with its own set of rules that business owners and managers will need to know and understand and apply… The “Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, 2003” will be one of the key factors in deciding how JOBKEEPER payments should be treated for reporting purposes. Will JOBKEEPER Payments be considered “Declarable [...]

We Make JobKeeper Simple For You

Let’s be honest, JobKeeper sounds like it is going to be tricky – but it doesn’t need to be! You need a grasp of employment law, taxation, migration law and HR to understand all the criteria and exemptions and get the cash lifeline flowing. At Invision, we want to take away that confusion and stress. [...]

Coronavirus Action

A Message of HOPE in a HOSTILE World! I just thought you might like to know…and I’m prepared to make it official…the sun will come up tomorrow, people will open their fridges and freezers and take stuff out and then they’ll make a trip to Woolies for a top-up of toilet paper and yes, one [...]