Employee status can be tricky and sticky…

You may think they’re Independent Contractors and they may think so too, but the Tax Office may take a different view altogether! This perennial question has reared its head yet again and is likely to do so on an on-going basis. When is an Independent Contractor deemed to actually be an Employee and what are [...]

They will judge you harshly for any Payday errors…

Someone will report you, the Regulator will assume it’s intentional, you’ll receive fines and penalties and your reputation will be trashed! Ignorance of changes to pay scales or accidental miscalculations are not acceptable reasons for any transgression. You just need to get it right…first time and every time. We can help you with this… No [...]

There is a very strong chance the A.T.O. will look more closely at your next tax return…

We can only protect you from A.T.O. Harassment if you give us the best ammunition right from the start… An estimated tax gap of $8.7 Billion is reason enough for the A.T.O. to clamp down on all claims and they have confirmed that this is the reason they will be scrutinising every Tax Return lodged [...]

It’s time to protect your Personal Details while they are still Personal…

Mailbox high jacking is a growth Industry, but one you need to avoid being a part of! You should be aware that Hackers and Attackers are exploiting old protocols to hack into email accounts and impersonate Accountants…don’t let this happen to your Business… We’ve all seen the unsolicited emails from colleagues and associates attempting to [...]

The size of the Small Business Tax Gap Means increased A.T.O. Audit Activity Has now become inevitable…

How Will Your Business Look Under this more intense Scrutiny? The Small Business Tax Gap is reported to be $11.1 Billion. A figure of that magnitude means that our friends at the Australian Tax Office will definitely consider it to be worth any extra delving and scrutinising on their part in an effort to close [...]

“The deal’s not done until the taillights go over the hill…”

Words of wisdom from a well-known local Car Dealer. The same principle applies, on a daily basis, to your own business. The deal is not done until the paperwork is finalised and more importantly, until the money has arrived in YOUR Bank Account! In keeping with our philosophy of recommending tried and proven Industry Specialists [...]


Our Business Registration Service has undergone a Guess-work Bypass! As a registered A.S.I.C. Agent, INVISION is well equipped to advise and assist with all aspects of starting a business, including these prominent examples… Business Name Structure Australian Business Number S.T. and other Taxation Registrations Licences and Permits Available Grants and Assistance for your Business Your [...]

If you use an unregistered agent to prepare your returns you could lose your refund as well as suffering penalties!

The Tax Practitioners Board (T.P.B.) has developed a system of working closely with the A.T.O. to detect and investigate the activities of those people found to be unregistered preparers who falsely claimed to be Tax Agents or BAS Agents and in some cases were found to be pocketing the refunds due. We know of at [...]

Cyber Security – we’ve got you covered

Letter to: Mr. Ben E. Ficiary, C/- INVISION Client Group. Dear Ben, If you’re worried about Cyber Security we’ve got you covered…if you’re not worried about it then you should be! The incidence of Cyber criminals hacking accountancy practices has reached a record high this year. 70% of these Cyber Security breaches are Human Error [...]

We’ve solved the Cyber Security Puzzle so that you won’t have to…

In keeping with our philosophy of constantly striving to anticipate our Clients’ needs, your INVISION Team has been applying our collective mind and individual talents to solving the puzzle of tighter Cyber Security for our Clients and their data and financial details. Our ongoing efforts have led us to engage the services of a Queensland-based [...]