Be firmly focussed on the income and worry less about the taxes

The more money you make the more tax you will be asked to pay. That is one of the simplest rules that exist for people in business. Rather than spending time and energy on finding “write-offs” at the end of the year, to reduce the amount of tax you pay, the smarter approach will always [...]

The importance of looking forward, not backwards

When you’re driving your business forward, what you can see through the windshield is much more important than the view in the rear vision mirror… The rear vision mirror in your car is very helpful in keeping you safe on the road, but it’s no accident that rear vision mirrors are small and the windshield [...]

Learn to make friends with profit…

Get to know and appreciate profit in your business. Be able to recognise it in a crowd and amongst all the noise and fanfare that surrounds you every business day. Generating a healthy profit in your business is a skill that can be learned, practised, and improved…the more you do it the more it becomes [...]

Never forget where you came from and why you started this business in the first place…

For your business to develop and grow you will always need to be trying new things and trying to do the old things different and better. But you need to carefully manage these new things to keep the risk of any loss to a minimum. In any business, you have to always consider the potential [...]