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A comprehensive analysis of the insights of your business and that of your competitors.

This industry analysis and comparison system delivers a detailed document that is specific to your industry and, even more importantly, specific to your individual business.  From this powerful information we can identify key areas for business performance improvement, particularly in the areas of increased productivity and profitability. Benchmark Reports are provided by Invision Bookkeeping’s parent company, GoldCross Consulting.

Features of the Report

Industry Analysis

Competitor Comparison

Business Value

Strategies for Growth

What sort of information will the report cover?

  • Industry performance and opportunities
  • Employment Trends
  • Business Profitability
  • Productivity in your industry
  • Fair Market Value of the business
  • Industry Overheads comparison
  • Industry Revenue comparison
  • Stockturn rates and Turnaround times
  • Employee expenses and training levels

Only from Invision

Analysis against ATO business benchmarks

Each “INVISION Business Benchmark Report” we prepare for our Clients and their business will include an analysis against The Australian Tax Office business benchmarks.

Compare within your industry

The A.T.O. captures mountains of business data annually that businesses can use to analyse how they compare to the other businesses within their industry.

Complete review of your industry’s results!

We will include this A.T.O. data within our in-depth comparative Benchmark Report, to give you a more complete review of your industry’s results!

Future Planning for your Business

You will be able to use this industry analysis and comparison information to support the development of business and operational plans, including strategic Marketing plans, business investment opportunities and even exit strategies.


What our client’s are saying about their Business Benchmark Report

“One of the difficulties we have experienced as a business is knowing how our business is doing compared to others. The benchmark report really helps us to understand what is happening in our industry on an average basis and lets us know how our business compares. My favourite part is the benchmark comparison where you can really see how your income and expenses compare. This can help identify things that we might be spending too much on assuming it is a necessity for the business. The report helps me identify areas I am underperforming so I can remedy that to help my business be more efficient and productive. Also, it is in a simple and easy format that those members of the business that would rather hide from numbers and statistics can understand and appreciate.”
Shanna, American Master Painters