Be vigilant for sophisticated scammers targeting small business

Written by Lucas Meadowcroft, Crofti. With the end of JobKeeper and overall financial pressure caused by COVID, business owners are particularly prone to increasing and ever sophisticated criminal attacks online. Up to August 2020 in Australia, Scamwatch had received a 55% increase in reports of cyber-attacks, compared with August 2019, putting Australia in sixth place [...]

The Tax man has got extra money in to fund his actions to get your money in

Superannuation Guarantee Contributions are centre-stage and in the spotlight…this is one show you don’t want to star in! In last year’s budget the Tax Man was given an extra $15,000,000 of funds specifically allocated to dealing with misconduct by Employers who often…sometimes always…miss their cue when it comes to their performance with Superannuation payments. In [...]

Now is the time to give those skeletons in the closet the decent burial they need!

Most businesses have a few nasty little surprises…usually in the form of future losses…hiding somewhere in the deep, dark, depths of their Balance Sheet. Everyone is guilty to some degree, because your Balance Sheet is the place where good money can go and hide until it withers away and eventually dies and disappears. You cannot [...]

The Customer is always right…until they’re wrong!

The principles of good business #101 dictate that the customer is always right…but this standard only applies while they are right for your business. With a “Tsunami of bankruptcies” forecast after the COVID 19 debt assistance measures finish, making sure you get paid for your sales takes on even greater importance. Performing a complete review [...]