This year, I’ve got a really wonderful Christmas Gift for you…

I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU BACK YOUR LIFE! Many small business owners and managers spend substantial parts of their nights and weekends attending to…or checking up on…bookkeeping matters. And that’s in addition to the dictates and demands of their “day” job. Keeping your own books should give you a greater understanding of how your business [...]

Cash is king – Don’t get caught in the forecast insolvency Tsunami!

Richard Russell, back in 1958, started to publish his views on the Dow Jones Index, in a series of letters referred to as the “Dow Theory Letters”. His personal algorithm (a term not made popular until the 2000’s) on market trends made significant calls on the market like: Buying gold in 1960’s Called the end [...]

Be firmly focussed on the income and worry less about the taxes

The more money you make the more tax you will be asked to pay. That is one of the simplest rules that exist for people in business. Rather than spending time and energy on finding “write-offs” at the end of the year, to reduce the amount of tax you pay, the smarter approach will always [...]