Business Owners and Managers need to be aware that there is a lot to know and understand about “Salary Sacrifice”

Thankfully, highly qualified help is at hand! In keeping with our normal process of shining the spotlight on those aspects of Business and Taxation that are of concern to our Clients, your INVISION Team has been turning attention and focus on this touchy subject. In this case, we have enlisted expert help and advice from [...]

Being a “Passive” Director could put you at real risk when it comes to personal liabilities…

If you’re a Director of a company, but not deeply involved in its day to day operations, then you need to very swiftly turn that situation around because new laws recently passed mean that “I didn’t know” is no defence and the Tax Man can hold you personally responsible for more and more transgressions. Now, [...]

8 ways to deal with your anxiety

Regardless of COVID-19, anxiety has always been an issue in the world. We all struggle at some stage in our lives. I guarantee that if everyone does a psychological test, we will all fail, and it will show that we are all slightly anxious. Fear of the future is OK, otherwise we would all be [...]