Job Keeper FAQ’s

The JOBKEEPER Payment Scheme comes with its own set of rules that business owners and managers will need to know and understand and apply… The “Worker’s Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, 2003” will be one of the key factors in deciding how JOBKEEPER payments should be treated for reporting purposes. Will JOBKEEPER Payments be considered “Declarable [...]

We Make JobKeeper Simple For You

Let’s be honest, JobKeeper sounds like it is going to be tricky – but it doesn’t need to be! You need a grasp of employment law, taxation, migration law and HR to understand all the criteria and exemptions and get the cash lifeline flowing. At Invision, we want to take away that confusion and stress. [...]

Coronavirus Action

A Message of HOPE in a HOSTILE World! I just thought you might like to know…and I’m prepared to make it official…the sun will come up tomorrow, people will open their fridges and freezers and take stuff out and then they’ll make a trip to Woolies for a top-up of toilet paper and yes, one [...]