7 things you need to know about COVID-19…

How will it affect you and your business? There’s a confusing mass of information about the COVID-19 virus pouring through our news outlets, social media channels and rumour networks. But what’s true? And as a business owner, what do you really need to know? In this simple, useful guide, we outline the 7 essential things [...]

COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The Government have announced a stimulus package to help support the economy during the tough times we are currently facing. The key points are outlined below. If you are unsure of how or of any of the details will affect you and your business, contact Alan and Invision Bookkeeping today for further information. Business Investment [...]

Our ‘Go-To’ Expert explains why this A.T.O. Amnesty is such a rare and valuable opportunity for your business

It’s not very often that the Tax Office offers businesses the opportunity to “Wipe” that blot from the copybook and get back on-side, without the threat of any further penalties. When the occasion does arise, you would be wise to take the time and the advice to understand what’s being offered, what are the necessary [...]

Accurately predict the future for your Business for only $750

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it? And yet many of our Clients have already indicated they intend to take advantage of this extended Business Development service…we like to think of it as the “Vision” part of our INVISION name! Business Owners and Managers know that Knowledge is power…in any industry…and $750 is a [...]