Who determines if those people who do work for you are Casual or Permanent?

New Rules are now in force…Be aware and Beware! The new “Casual Conversion Clause” came into effect in October last year and it affects many small businesses just like yours! In simple terms, it allows people who have been working for you on a regular basis for 12 months or more the right to request [...]

HR Kickstart Package

Here is an Exceptional H.R. Package - especially designed for INVISION Clients and offered to Your Business at a Heavily Discounted Price… This is the H.R. “Kickstart” Package and it includes most of the items relevant to Small Businesses like yours to help you get your H.R. in order and to set up your H.R. [...]

For the purpose of calculating Fringe Benefits Tax – An “UBER” is not a “TAXI!”

By David Sneesby, Merrotts Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors The A.T.O. has confirmed that UBER and similar ride-sharing vehicles will not be regarded as “Taxis” when it comes to the Taxi Travel Exemption for F.B.T. purposes. This comes after a lengthy consultation period which many in the Industry were convinced would lead to a different [...]