Tradesman to a Businessman

Transitioning from being a tradesman and perhaps being self-employed to running a business, may seems like a very easy process, but in fact it is proven to be a journey that many are not prepared for. So, I aim to highlight some areas that one must be ready for when going from a tradesman to [...]

When is a Tax Invoice NOT a Tax Invoice?

If you are not constantly aware of what is needed to comply with even the most basic requirements, then someone else’s non-compliance could end up getting YOU into trouble! In today’s frantic world of invoices and payments and the demands of computerised accounting systems, there is one aspect that is becoming more and more simple and [...]

Accountants beware! Super non-compliance could land your client in prison

The ATO is taking a tougher stance on Superannuation Guarantee (SG) non-compliance and it could lead to errant employers facing harsh penalties – including a stint in prison. New legislation to Director Penalty Notices introduced on April 1, 2019, gives the ATO powers to pursue criminal penalties for serious breaches, including potential jail time for [...]